Carpet Drying – Essential for a Good Cleaning Job

Carpet DryingProfessional deep cleaning of carpets is the most effective way to bring lasting hygiene to the entire carpet, all the day down to its base layer. Professional cleaners like who deal with deep cleaning will know that quick drying is one of the most essential aspects of the job. Quick carpet drying will cancel out the possibility of re-soiling. On the other hand, a wet or damp carpet will clean the bottom of shoes and be slippery – not a good combination at all.

Specialised cleaning teams can choose between two types of carpet drying equipment – machines that blow air directly over the treated area, or machines that circulate airflow throughout the premises. These are commonly known as carpet fans, and air movers respectively. If the carpet being cleaned is fitted in a high moisture area or room of the premises, professional cleaners might also need to use a dehumidifier in combination with one of the above pieces of equipment. Industry specialists recommend the use of fans or air movers that circulate airflow close to the floor i.e. the carpet as this will make the drying process quicker and more efficient.

When using specialised cleaning and drying equipment, it is important for cleaning teams to follow a strict order of procedures – this makes up a complete carpet cleaning program. A well implemented cleaning program will not only prolong the life of carpets being treated, but also the lifespan of equipment used for the cleaning process itself. A professional carpet cleaner with many years of experience advises that a good carpet cleaning program should include timely (if not immediate) spot removal, or at least pre-treating stains for easier removal later on. Also, the program should subject carpets to thorough vacuuming as frequently as possible as this makes the overall cleaning maintenance more efficient and yields better results.

Furthermore, a good carpet cleaning program should provide for a well-balanced combination of interim and deep cleaning sessions. When it comes to the right cleaning products that are to be used, professional cleaners should stick to a product line manufactured by a single company as this will improve consistency of results. More so, it is highly recommended to use neutral pH cleaning products as acidic or alkaline cleaning agents may affect certain types of carpet fibres for the worse. Application of a good cleaning program will allow users to enjoy the full design lifespan of the carpet.