Here is how to make your own reusable disinfecting wipes

Disinfecting wipes are so convenient and will save you so much time, however, the ones you can buy from the store are terrible for the environment and can make a huge hole in your wallet if you use them on daily basis.

I have some amazing alternatives which are not only good environmentally-friendly but will save you a lot of money! They are easy to make and you will use them for a long time!

A lot of recipes on the internet include vinegar which isn’t the best option for getting rid of bacteria. Yes, vinegar does get rid of bacteria but not all of them. If you wipe a surface with a vinegar-based disinfectant you won’t be able to tackle 100% of the germs. In order to kill all of the germs, you will need to use at least 60% alcohol.

Here is how to make your own reusable disinfecting wipes using alcohol!

Before we start with the recipe you need to prepare the actual wipe. I recommend you use old socks, microfiber cloths, old washcloths, or even an old t-shirt (you can cut it in small pieces)!

Now, let’s start with the actual disinfectant! You will need a cup of rubbing alcohol (I recommend the 99% isopropyl alcohol or the 70% isopropyl alcohol). You will also need 1/4 a cup of water, a tablespoon of dish soap, and 50 drops of tea tree oil or lavender oil.

Mix everything in a bowl and soak the “wipes” you decided to use. Then take them out and squeeze the excess, roll them and place them in a jar.

How I use these disinfectant wipes?

To be honest, I use them to wipe everything in my home. I also use them to wipe the interior of my car.

You can also use the mixture and spray surfaces with it. Just pour the excess in a spray bottle and use whenever you need it.