How to remove gum from a carpet: tips from experts

Realizing that you dropped a gum on your carpet is very unpleasant. You have probably started to panic? I mean, it’s your favorite carpet that is very expensive and you now have ruined it. How can you remove the gum? You try to pick it up which makes the mess even bigger. Then you decide to go on the internet and see what cleaning hacks you can find. Thankfully for you, I got you. And the tip I am going to provide you with is coming straight from the professionals at Carpet Cleaning Liverpool. Dropping gum on your carpet is not that big of a deal, and your carpet will be fine.

How do they recommend you remove the gum?

Go and grab an ice cube, hold it on the gum until it hardens. Then scrape it off.

Why should you do this instead of just trying to pull it? When a gum freezes it’s easier to remove it because it gets brittle.

The cleaning technicians even say that this is a great method to remove gum regardless of the surface it has stuck to – sofas, chairs, clothes, etc.