How to Remove Pumpkin Stains From Your Carpet?

I love pumpkin pie and I make it very often but I swear that no matter how hard I try not to drop some on the floor, my carpets are always covered in pumpkin stains. And to be quite honest, my kid also loves pumpkin pie as much as I do and, unfortunately, he also always drops pieces on the floor.

This has made me become an expert in removing pumpkin stains from carpets – and today, I will show you how I do it!

How to Remove Pumpkin Stains From Your Carpet?

Whenever you drop pumpkin, pumpkin pie, or anything else that has pumpkin in it on your carpet, you immediately need to remove the excess. You can either scoop it with a spoon or remove it with a dull knife but whatever you do – don’t apply pressure because you don’t want to drive the stain further into the fabric.

Then you have to treat the affected area. I like to do this with warm soapy water – a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and two cups of warm water mixed in a bowl.

I then dip a cloth in the soapy water and start treating the area. I blot it rather than rub or wipe – again, no pressure should be applied.

Then you have to remove as much of the soap as possible because soapy water does attract dirt, dust, and impurities which can create a dirty patch – and you don’t want that on your carpet. This is why I dampen a cloth with water and start blotting the area.

In case the stain remains, it’s time you create another cleaning solution – a tablespoon of ammonia mixed with two cups of warm water. I dip a cloth in there and start blotting the area again.

Once you do this, the stain should be removed. Then it’s time to rinse the area once again so you remove the ammonia from the carpet. Do this with a damp cloth. And when you are done – let the carpet air-dry.