Purified Water for Outstanding Window Cleaning Results

Window CleaningProfessional window cleaning is demanding in the sense thwat substandard cleaning results will be seen immediately – dirty windows are not hard to spot. Professional cleaners like Cleaners Clapham engaged in cleaning windows and other glass structures and features of the premises will know how frustrating it is to invest hours on end in getting the job done right, only to be let down by water streaks appearing after the glass surface has dried.

Most of the time, the streaks are caused by the tap water usually used in window cleaning, which in combination with certain cleaning detergents is even more prone to streaking the glass. The introduction of water-fed poles (as they are called in the industry) has greatly reduced the chance of streaks forming on freshly cleaned windows. But how? Simple – the water-fed pole system does its own water filtration. Purified water has turned out to be the solution to the ever present streak problem experienced by many cleaning teams. The ergonomic advantages, as well as the increased efficiency that come with water-fed pole systems are notable and shouldn’t be ignored by professional cleaners.

The filtration method used by today’s water-fed pole systems is known as reverse osmosis deionisation or RO/DI for short. Industry analysis of professional window cleaning methods has indicated that water purified using the RO/DI method eliminates chance of streaks by nearly a hundred percent. What makes these filtration and water-fed pole systems even more effective is that relatively clean window panes can be cleaned quickly and efficiently using only filtered water from the machine. The fact that professional cleaners do not necessarily have to use a cleaning detergent translates to more efficient work process, reduced cleaning time and reduction of environmental pollution. Diluted detergent leaking down off the window, into flower pots and plants has always been a problem as plants don’t tolerate cleaning chemicals too well.

The filtered water window cleaning system cancels out the problem, this is especially important when cleaning residential properties, where owners are quite attached to their flora. Purified water-fed poles are also very effective in cleaning other smooth exterior surfaces besides glass, such as painted or metal polished surfaces – increased versatility means more work for professional cleaners and more value for money for their customers. Water-fed cleaning poles are safer than climbing ladders and reaching out, plus they can be used on buildings up to five storeys high, without putting cleaners in harm’s way.