The most efficient ways to clean mirrors

Are you struggling with cleaning the mirrors in your home? I know it’s no easy task – especially when you don’t know-how. Just like cleaning anything else, there are tips, tricks, and hacks that make the process far quicker and easier.

Method №1

Get a spray bottle and fill it with water and vinegar (50-50 mixture). Spray a mirror with it and wipe starting top to bottom (wipe with a crumpled ball of newspaper).

Method №2

If the mirror is cloudy and covered in marks, you can use lemon (or lime juice) to remove them. Make a mixture of the juice and warm water, dip a clean cloth, and start wiping with circular motions.

Method №3

This method is for the cases where there is toothpaste stains, stains from hairspray, water splashes, or any other stubborn similar stain on your mirror. All you will need is surgical spitir and a clean cotton pad. Apply some on the pad and rub it on the stain.

Tips for cleaning

  • You should start cleaning a window at the left top corner and continue to the right using a zig-zag motion.
  • If you don’t have a newspaper or you simply don’t want to use one you can gran a microfibre cloth instead. It will leave the mirror spotless plus it’s a great way to remove dirt and bacteria without spreading it onto other surfaces.